WIOC: Valentine’s Day Necessities


We’re back with What’s In Our Cart. The What’s In Our Cart series is where we share with you a couple of our favs that we’ve either purchased or an item currently pending in our online shopping cart. Without further ado, here is What’s In Our Cart, Valentine’s Day Edition.

Valentine’s Day is five minutes away, ladies and we’re here to get you prepared for it. Whether it’s going out with your partner or a night out with your ladies, looking great on this day is v important. We created two looks with some statement pieces. All items are linked. I mean, you should consider us your best friend, because we basically did all the shopping for you!

Below you’ll find two statement looks that will have everyone saying, “girl, where did you get that? I love it.”


Valentine’s Day Date Outfit #1 look.png



First, jumpsuits are always a good idea, because one piece creates an entire outfit. This beautiful black jumpsuit is the Cedric from Faithfull the Brand. The Steve Madden shoes and BP wrapped ball hoop earrings are both from Nordstrom.

This second look is very much true to Valentine’s Day. You’ve got the red, super-sexy bodysuit that plunges in the front and back, from BeBe. The black highwaisted pants are also from Bebe. This widelegged pant is serving us Kourtney Kardashian vibes. We love these for the slit on the side of the pant leg. They scream, “I’m classy, but I like to party.” Ok, maybe they don’t scream that. They’re still cute, nonetheless. Right? To finish off this outfit, we paired it with the staple ankle strap heal from Sam Edelman and a wifey clutch from St. Xavier.

Valentine’s Day Date Outfit #2

look two.png
Ladies, have you purchased your Valentine’s Day outfit yet? Are there any statements we left out that you would like to see included? Most importantly, which look would you wear this VD2K18? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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