How to Deal With A Fiancé Who’s Not Excited About Your Wedding

You just engaged so naturally you do all the “Just Engaged” things: 1) change you social media status 2) post a selfie that casually showcases your new rock and 3)begin wedding planning IMMEDIATELY!  You’re getting your wedding planning on, full speed ahead.  How can you hold back, it’s the most exciting time of your life thus far.  In the midst of your wedding planning excitement, when there is a whirlwind of questions and details to decide on, you look over to your fiancé and he seems to have the look of death on his face.  Hmmmm……not exactly what you expected right?  If you answered yes, don’t worry you’d be surprised how many of our brides have gone through this same thing.

Simply put, us ladies dream about this day for a long time!!  Our guys….not so much.  If we can be as candid as possible, we’d have to say: weddings are about the bride. Yes, of course you want your fiancé to feel included, feel as though his requests are heard and that the wedding is about the union of you both. But In reality, many of our grooms could care less about what flowers will go on your cake, the color of your napkins or the type of rental chair you will decide on.  Frankly he could probably do without the over the top production, but he is willing to nod yes every now and again just to get through these next months of planning. If this all sounds way too familiar, do not stress or take it personal.  It’s not you!  He wants to spend the rest of his life with you, which is why you are the one going through this right now.  He wants to be married to you but, the wedding… that’s all you girl.

So how are you going to deal with this emotional distress? We’ve got you covered. Check out our tips on how to deal with this issue below.

Don’t take it personal. His lackluster attitude has nothing to do you or marrying you. He wants you to be his wife and he wants to be married to you, or else he would not have even asked you. To him, when he thinks wedding all he thinks is money, stress, and drama. It’s not all rainbows and butterfly’s to him. But that’s okay, that’s just his perspective.

Don’t let it dim your excitement. He’s not excited. So what! That has not a thing to do with you. You can’t control people and their feelings. But you can control yours so sparkle on. Stay excited and enjoy every second of this phase in your life.

Don’t bug him about the wedding details. Guys are simple, they just aren’t about all the details. They could care less if you’re having succulents or if your having peonies for flowers so, don’t bother bugging him with the minute details. Of course, get a general sense of what he would like and what’s important to him but leave it at that. Just think of it as a fun thing to all about with your girlfriends. They are probably more then willing to spend hours talking about flowers. Haha.

Did you have an excited Fíancee when you were planning your wedding?

-Your BTS girls.


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