Picking Up Your Wedding Dress!

Yesterday was such a great day – I picked up my wedding dress!  It has been a much anticipated day since I had received the phone call a few weeks back from Mariee Bridal, in Scottsdale, that they had received my dress.  I waited a few weeks to go and check it out because my mom just arrived on Wednesday from Philadelphia and I wanted her to see it on me for the first time.

Prior to arriving at the shop this morning, I have had a few different feelings go in and out.  Number 1, I was worried that the dress wasn’t going to fit.  I haven’t been working out as much as I would have hoped I would be and definitely have not been eating the healthiest so I was a tad nervous.  Number 2, I was a little uneasy that I might not have loved it as much as when I tried it on the first time.  I have been seeing so many new and different styles come in and out of bridal stores and they all look so beautiful that I started to envision wearing something different.  Good news in both occasions, Number 1 – the dress was actually a little too big!  That put a huge smile on my face and it definitely put pizza in my stomach last night too :).  Number 2 – I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my dress.  It is perfect and exactly what I wanted it to be.  I couldn’t be happier!

Not knowing that I would be walking out of the door full handed, I left with my dress zipped up, in a bag and now in my closet where it awaits my alteration consultations.  (Not to mention a really great pair of shoes as well but that is a totally different story.)

Time is winding down and I should be able to fill you all in on a bunch of new planning details in the next few months so make sure you stay tuned.

Here is a look at some of the gorgeous gowns and accessories now at Mariee Bridal! (All can be found on their Instagram page @marieebridalscottsdale)

Mariee-Bridal-BTS-Wedding-Blog Mariee-Bridal-BTS-Wedding-Blog Mariee-Bridal-BTS-Wedding-Blog Mariee-Bridal-BTS-Wedding-Blog Mariee-Bridal-BTS-Wedding-Blog Mariee-Bridal-BTS-Wedding-Blog

Talk to you soon!

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