Popular Trends: Food Truck Frenzy

food truck 3

(photos by Savidge Photography)

 BTS recently coordinated a wedding that included a food truck in the festivities- yes we said it, a food truck! Food truck mania is all over the country- cities like Austin, Los Angeles, and New York have been paving the way for the food truck craze and now Phoenix is hopping on the bandwagon! Couples are starting to ditch traditional caterers and seek out those on wheels for their weddings.

food truck 1

food truck 2

 Short Leash Mobile Hotdog Eatery showed up ready to serve up fresh, delicious brats to hungry guests. Fried jalapeño cheddar brats wrapped in a tortilla as an appetizer and the main course was made-to-order- they even had chicken and veggie dogs!

Food trucks are an awesome way to add that unique touch to your wedding. There are tons of amazing food trucks here in the valley to choose from for your wedding or social event! Check out Phoenix Street Food Coalition.


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