Grecian Themed Wedding Trend

tay swift

The next trend on the list for the 2014 bride will reveal your inner goddess: a Grecian themed wedding. In the pic above, the stunning Taylor Swift rocks a Grecian gown on the 2013 Grammy Awards red carpet. For couples who want the elegance of Old World design conveyed with more simplicity, they’ll take their cues from the modern Grecian looks appearing on the red carpet.

We put together an array of elements you could use for a Grecian theme:


greek 1

greek 2

 Grape leaves, gold-rimmed place settings, and white drapery are purely elegant

greek 5 Wedding Gowns

greek 4

The silhouette of Greek wedding dresses drapes beautifully, hiding any figure flaws, and giving you a very statuesque, elegant look.

greek 7


greek 8

greek 9

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