Men’s Boutonnieres: Style and Tips

bout 1

The history of the boutonniere is one of masculine luxury and it represents a man’s personal style to make a positive statement. The guys in the wedding may be overlooked because of the focus on the bride and the girls, however, the boutonnieres are a great place to add attention to detail with color, texture, uniqueness, and storytelling. Incorporate the elements from the bride and bridesmaids bouquets so that the groom and groomsmen can feel and look just as important as the girls when they walk down the aisle.

Fall Inspired Boutonnieres

bout 2

bout 4

bout 3

One-of-a-kind details are always on trend and sets your wedding attire apart from others. 

bout 5

It’s the groom’s special day as well, let his personal style shine through using unconventional styles. 

One thing that can get tricky is pinning the boutonniere on the tux, especially when you have all of those wedding day nerves! Have no fear- watch this video we found on YouTube on how to correctly pin on a boutonniere.

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